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Habanero Style Cheese Shreds

CLO-CLO® Habanero style shreds cheese with jalapeno and habanero peppers will help make all of your dishes spicy and full of fun! CLO-CLO’s chef knows it is all about the peppers. Red and Green jalapeno peppers have a high heat level balanced with a sweet fruit flavor. Our CLO-CLO habanero peppers have the intense heat balanced by a hint of true Mexican flavor that will make all of your friends ask you where did you find such perfection? The CLO-CLO Habanero cheese style shreds are great with CLO-CLO’s Moroccan Chicken Sausage, pretzels, taco chip dips and black bean dip. A wonderful thing to serve your guests before the main entrée.

Learn More About What Goes Into Our Cheeses … and What Doesn’t.

Gluten-Free. Non-GMO. All Great Taste!

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