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CLO-CLO® Vegan Foods contain no meat or dairy products. Check the ingredients label to determine whether our products meet your particular “Kosher for Passover” requirements.



Kosher law allows for the consumption of cows, sheep, goats, bison, deer, and elk, though beef and lamb are generally the most common meats in the kosher marketplace. It also matters how the meat is processed. Since CLO-CLO Vegan Foods are completely plant-based, our Meatless Pepperoni pizza passes the test.




Clo Clo Vegan Foods No_Egg ButtonCLO-CLO Vegan Foods products do not contain eggs. Our products contain only plant-based ingredients!





Clo Clo Vegan Foods No_dairy ButtonCLO-CLO Vegan Foods’ cheese is 100 percent plant-based and dairy-free!