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Meatless Moroccan Inspired Pizza

Take a bite of our delicious CLO-CLO® Moroccan Inspired Vegan Pizza and the taste will transport you back to the fresh farmer’s markets in Casablanca. The vegan and gluten-free sweet potato crust along with the fresh CLO-CLO habanero style cheese shreds and our very own exotic Moroccan chicken sausage crumble will awaken your senses and you will savor the taste long after the first bite. Taste it again Sam!

Learn More About What Goes Into Our Pizzas … and What Doesn’t.

Gluten-Free. Non-GMO. All Great Taste!

CLO-CLO Vegan Foods MOROCCAN Nutritional Labels

Find CLO-CLO® Pizza at Sprouts! 

Go to sprouts.com to find the store nearest you.