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December, 2023 – The Authority in Frozen & Refrigerated Foods





August, 2023 – The Hinnenkamps were not planning to start a food business. Then their child was diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis – a serious food allergy. Clo-Clo now offers frozen pizza good for all – Vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo and allergy-friendly



Edina Pizza Company Partners With Cub Foods


October 2022 – Edina packaged-pizza maker Clo-Clo Vegan Foods is entering the Midwest market after a successful first few years selling almost exclusively to a national grocer with a large concentration of stores along the coasts.



CLO-CLO Vegan Foods Expands Grocery Store Distribution in the U.S.


September 2022 – Clo-Clo Vegan Foods, a plant-based, allergen-friendly food company that prides itself on high-quality products with exceptional taste, today announces it is increasing retail distribution of its frozen plant-based pizzas and vegetable-infused pizza crusts across 82 Cub grocery stores as consumer demand for plant-based foods soars. This is the first time CLO-CLO Vegan Foods will be available in the Midwest with market share in Minnesota and Illinois. CLO-CLO Pizzas will be available at Cub in the frozen pizza section beginning October 8.



CLO-CLO Vegan Foods Proves You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Taste for Health


June 2022 – While most people who go vegan do so for health reasons, the benefits don’t end there. Cutting out animal products – meat, fish, dairy, and eggs – is one step that can be taken to reduce our environmental footprint. Enter CLO-CLO® Vegan Foods, a fast-growing vegan food innovator specializing in delicious plant-based pizzas, entrées, and patent-pending vegan cheese.

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CLO-CLO Vegan Foods Provides for an Exquisite Nibble


October 2021 – CLO-CLO® Vegan Foods is unveiling new frozen vegan cauliflower & sweet potato breadsticks. The newest portfolio addition is available in three delicious flavors: cauliflower, cauliflower with garlic & oil and a sweet potato with sugar & cinnamon. With more of us cooking and eating at home than ever before, we have an inclination to give families the alternative to cherish their favorite meals without worry for food allergies or intolerances, while still meeting their dietary and lifestyle needs



Nosh – August’s Latest New Product Releases


August 2021 – Vegan food maker CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods introduces plant-based Shrimp Entree and Mac and Cheeze bowls to freezer aisle at Sprouts Farmer Market.  The plant-based shrimp are made with Konjac root and the entree comes in three varieties: Hawaiian Inspired, Red Curry and Shrimp Alfredo. The Mac and Cheese bowl contains red lentil pasta and plant-based cheddar flavored cheese sauce. 

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New Plant-Based Shrimp Entrée Bowls


July 2021 – CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods introduces new, plant-based shrimp entrée bowls and a mac & cheeze bowl as consumer demand for plant-based frozen entrée meals catapult. 



Top 10 Food Treads 2021


April 2021 – Market Movers! CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods introduces new Caribbean, Moroccan, and Tuscan pizzas.

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Introducing Pizza With Sweet Potato Crust


February 2021 – CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods introduces new line of exotic tasting vegan pizzas as consumer demand for plant-based foods soars. 



Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer’s


February 2021 – CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods (clocloveganfoods.com), Edina, Minn., launches five allergen-free plant based frozen pizza SKUs featuring new habanero and parmesan cheese alternatives made with real cauliflower and oat milk.



Plant Based Food Association


December 2020 – CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods is excited to announce we are now a proud member of the Plant Based Food Association. We are thrilled to be part of a community whose members and supporters “have a shared goal of ensuring the plant-based foods industry can succeed and thrive.”



Frozen & Refrigerated Buyers’


December 2020 – An uber-clean new addition to the plant-based category comes from Edina, Minnesota, CLO-CLO Vegan Foods. Free of the top food allergens, the non-GMO, plant-based lineup features a veggie-in- fused, gluten-free crust and patent-pending cauliflower-based cheese “that represents a significant advancement in quality, flavor, and texture,” says co-founder and VP of marketing Wendy Hinnenkamp, whose daughter Chloe provided the inspiration for the collection.

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Announcing a New Line of Plant-Based Pizzas


October 2020 – A highlight of the CLO-CLO™ products is the significant advancement in the quality, flavor and texture of the patent-pending, cauliflower-based cheese.



Go Dairy Free


June 17, 2020 – CLO-CLO Vegan Foods has launched a full line of plant-based pizzas, currently available chain-wide at 344 Sprouts Farmers Markets stores in 23 U.S. states. Each is all plant-based, non-GMO and 100 percent free of the most pervasive and troublesome allergens.